Thomas Price

Thomas Price was Indian interpreter at Mobile during the Spanish period. The Spanish land grants received by Price made up most of the principal residence section of Mobile, from Joachim Street to west beyond Ann Street.

In 1798, First Governor-General Manuel Gayoso De Lemos granted Price 540 acres in the suburbs of Mobile, bounded on the east by the plan of Mobile (Joachim Street) and on the south by lands claimed by Simon Andre (Andry) and Favre. Intendant Morales, in 1806, made Price a further concession of about 500 acres more.

William E. Kennedy had bought from Price for $200 all of the second (1806) grant, except ten acres in the northwest corner reserved by Price for himself. Price seems later to have located this reservation near our St. Joseph Street. In 1807, for $500 Price also sold Kennedy the tract he acquired in 1798.