Termite Hall

Greene-Marston House, aka Termite Hall, 2000 Dauphin St.

Three distinct architectural styles are reflected in this house:

  1. The original 1-1/2 story cottage was built in the mid-1800s by the Greene family. The cottage is now referred to as “the wing”.
  2. The 2-1/2 story Victorian structure built by Martin Van Heuval in 1903 which incorporated the cottage.
  3. In 1910, the house was further remodeled by William Syson.

Termite Hall was purchased in 1919 by Regina DeMouy Rapier, wife of John Lawrence Rapier, owner of the Mobile Register, to replace the DeMouy house lost by fire in 1917. Many of the Marston/Rapier/Demouy clan moved into the house.
Termite Hall got its name in the 1920s when the porch rails disintegrated, riddled by termites, which luckily never reached the main house.

Adelaide Marston Trigg (1918-2008) and Eleanor Marston Benz (born 1916) resided in Termite Hall and hosted dozens of artists, writers and intellectuals and fostered local culture.

Eugene Walter wrote a cookbook entitled Delectable Dishes from Termite Hall.

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