Special Advisory Commission

Mobile's Special Advisory Commission (SAC) was formed in May 1963 at the request of the Mobile City Commission and its official status was established by City Ordinance 03-259.

Organized as an integrated commission, SAC consisted of eight white members, four African-American members and the city commissioners served as Ex-Officio members. SAC replaced the ineffective Bi-Racial Committee, created in 1956 in response to the backlash that accompanied Brown vs. Board of Education.

SAC was commissioned for the purpose of giving the city commission the "benefit of the counsel and advice of well-informed citizens of our community, who are devoted to the task of solving peacefully the problems of the present day. These advisors not only give recommendations and advice to the City Commission on how to solve problems that arise, but they bring to the administration's attention matters that can be corrected before they become problems."

SAC received copies of the FBI Mobile field office's memorandums and informant reports concerning NOW and race relations in Mobile.

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