Downtown Creative and Wellness Foundation

The Downtown Creative and Wellness Association (DCWF) was started in 2009 by young Mobile artists, led by Zach DePolo. It is currently in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

The DCWF's Visiting Artist Series is a program dedicated to bringing local artists and students together to expose each other to new ideas and styles within the arts. This program was started in 2009 by Palmer Pillans Middle School’s art program hosting seven different artists. Each artist brought a new medium, style, and attitude towards their craft. The visiting artists are sharing technical, cultural, and historical experiences with local students, as well as problem solving, organizing, and project management skills. For the Murphy High School Totem Poles over 70 students chose their spirit animal and carved a low-relief tile and assembled with wheel-thrown vessels in stoneware clay.
Past Visiting Professional Artists: Bruce Larson-recycled animal sculpture, Devlin Wilson-Painting, Jeremy Baker-Texture, Josh Holland-Graphic Design Logos, Ryan Jetten-Collage, Will Fawcett-Music Production, Recording, and Film. Zach DePolo- President Obama Inauguration Mural and Native American Spirit Animal Totems.

Other projects by the DCWF include:

  • Haunted Hospital, October 2009
  • Haunted Fashion Show
  • The Future or Something, December 2009
  • Film Scrambles

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