David Thomas Jr.

David Thomas Jr. was impeached from the Mobile County School Board, of which he was President, in 2006 when he was found guilty of using school system money improperly to buy $9,000 of Mardi Gras parade throws.

Thomas has also pleaded guilty to a felony charge for leaving the scene of an accident during Mardi Gras 2005, in which Thomas ran over an 8-year-old girl's foot in downtown Mobile. As part of an agreement, prosecutors dropped a drunken driving charge connected to the same accident.
Thomas, whose drivers license was suspended for 90 days after being charged with DUI, got his license back after just a few weeks when then-Circuit Judge Herman Thomas, who is a fraternity brother and cousin of David Thomas, granted the motion. After sentencing, Judge Thomas allowed Thomas to be assigned to the Prichard jail, which is relatively new and seldom has more than three or four inmates at a time. Judge Johnston, the sentencing judge, found out and sent Thomas to jail for another seven days in Mobile County Metro.

Thomas was fired in 2007 from his job as director of adult education and economic development at Bishop State Community College, which paid about $89,000 yearly, following the felony conviction and impeachment from the Mobile County school board. Two-year Chancellor Bradley Byrne had ordered then-President Yvonne Kennedy to fire Thomas, but she left office without doing so (prompting Byrne to withdraw her office space at Bishop State). Thomas was fired by her successor, Dr. James Lowe.

Thomas was allowed an appeal under the state's Fair Dismissal Act and
Hearing officer Thomas Humphries ruled that Thomas should not have been fired from Bishop State. The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals in November 2008 asked Humphries to reconsider his decision, and in April 2010 Humphries reaffirmed that Thomas was unjustly fired and should receive back pay.