Charles Smith

Charles Smith, potter, is a native and resident of Mobile. He produces African-inspired ceramic vessels.

Smith began his career in the early 1970’s: “I began studying art after a tour of duty in Vietnam, the trauma surrounding the war made me want to pursue the arts.”

Smith earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education with a minor in Pottery from Jackson State University in Jackson, MS where he served as a Teacher Assistant to the late professor Marcus Douyon.

In 1977, he was hired by the City of Mobile as a resident artist, during which time he painted murals and taught art in city parks and recreation centers. His work was included in the traveling exhibit: “Uncommon Beauty in Common Objects: The Legacy of African American Craft Art.” He has exhibited all over the country, including the National Museum of American Art in the Smithsonian Institution, and the American Craft Museum in New York City.

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