Carver State Technical College

The Carver Campus of Bishop State Community College, formally Carver State Technical College, was chartered in 1961. The school was first known as Carver State Vocational Technical Trade School. Since then the college has had three name changes, the most recent, of which occurred in August 1991. At that time, Carver State Technical College became the Carver Campus of Bishop State Community College because of consolidation by the Alabama State Board of Education.

Arthur L. Green was appointed Carver's first chief administrator in 1962. Upon his retirement in 1976, Earl Roberson Sr. was appointed as president. He remained in that position until his appointment as Provost of the consolidated Bishop State Community College in 1991.

The first classes began at Carver on August 15, 1962, with a total enrollment of 80 students in seven different programs. The enrollment had increased to a quarterly average of more than 500 by August 1991 when the merger was implemented, with 10 fully accredited technical programs.

The Carver Campus, located at 414 Stanton Street, currently sets on its original nine-acre plot of land which a local citizen donated so the minority population would have access to postsecondary technical training.

Currently, there are seven technical programs on the Carver Campus. They are Automotive Body Repair, Barbering and Hair Styling, Commercial Food Service, Masonry (Brick and Block), Plumbing, Tailoring and Alterations, and Welding.

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